Welcome to the Tumblr page of the Gamma Pi Chapter of SAI at California State University of Long Beach!
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Meet SAI Gamma Pi’s new potential MITs! Aren’t they adorable? ❤️

1st picture is from two Sundays ago at Kickball Social with the Sinfonians!

Second set is from a performance at the Carpenter Center. We gave some roses to MITs who performed that night :D

Last set is from Marci’s Junior Recital! She performed a duet with roommate and PMA Kappa Omicron President, Matt Lopez. They were awesome~!

(I gotta say, in the very last picture, my Sinfonian looks better than I do… ugh why LOL -Rei)

Sisters at recruitment tables on lower campus at the music department table and on upper campus on Greek Row. The Sinfonians serenaded the ladies on upper campus recruitment!

Pledging! Some group pictures~

We actually have 6 MITs, (1 continuing from the Fall)

This is an exciting semester!


Another recruitment event was a “Mocktail Movie night”~

One of our recruitment nights was karaoke!

Bid Brunch way back—almost a month ago!

If you haven’t found us on FaceBook, our page is https://www.facebook.com/SAIGammaPi !


SAI is selling roses at CPAC!
We also welcomed a grad student harp player who was initiated as an undergrad in Arizona~ Gracie to the left!

Also, congratulations to our new initiates for Fall 2013: Joy Yi and Marci Gross!♡♥♡♥ #sigmaalphaiota #sai #gammapi #CSULB #BCCM

I forgot to reblog this to the Gamma Pi page! But hey! New initiates for the fall!
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